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Double Opt In – A Good Idea?

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Double Opt In & Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to create a bond with your existing customers and clients as well as develop a relationship with your prospects – especially when you use the double opt in rule . While it’s not totally fooling proof, it doesn’t require an enormous budget or extreme technical know-how.

If you haven’t started an email marketing program for your small business, I highly encourage you to do so now! One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when implementing your email marketing program is whether your email subscriber list will be opt-in or double opt in. So, how do opt-in and double opt in differ?

You can easily start your opt-in e-mail marketing strategy by first creating a database of customers that would agree to receive your e-mail notices. This can be done by asking prospects at the point of presentation (i.e. on your website) if they would be interested in receiving e-mails to be notified of your future promotions, products, events, etc. Once your prospect says yes, you add his name and email address to your mailing list database, and the next time you send out your email promotion, he will receive your message.


So the Double Opt-in Mailing List was Developed

The double opt in is an attempt to minimize fraud and erroneous email addresses and helps to grow a list quality organic list. With double opt-in, your website visitor enters his name and email address into your website form; he will then receive an email message confirming that he gave you his email address. He will have to click a link within that email message in order to confirm his subscription. Thus, opting into your list for the second time, or double opt in.

There are pros and cons to both types of opt-in programs. With a single opt-in (your prospect gives you his email address only once), your mailing list will most definitely grow at a quicker rate. However, you are also likely to see more spam complaints (due to fraudulent email addresses), which can hurt your ability to send email messages in the future.

With a double opt in program (your subscriber confirms his subscription for the second time), your list will grow slowly, since several of the new subscribers will not click the confirmation email link and thus will not be eligible to receive your future messages. However, you will receive less spam complaints, you will end up with a more responsive mailing list, and you will develop a better “sender reputation” which will improve your overall email delivery rate.


Double Opt-in, on the Other Hand:

It saves you more trouble because by using this you are able to do two things. First, you are able to avoid being accused of spamming someone. I know it doesn’t make sense, but people sign up for so many things online that they sometimes forget what they signed up for in the past; they will have no problem hitting the spam button on you.

This is the major disadvantage to single opt-in, but with double opt-in people are able to go to their e-mail and see for their self what your e-mail will look like, this way they will know that they signed up for your list and you will not get as many spam complaints. You will also be able to make sure your customer is giving you the right e-mail that they use by requiring them to go there and verify. Ensuring better results from your campaigns.


3 Reasons to Use Double Opt-In

One: – You make potential subscribers pay attention to what you’re offering – double opt in does just that. It makes visitors recognize the information they are requesting as valuable and highly-important.

Two: – You have confirmed data (proof) that someone at THIS email address, used THIS name on THIS date at THIS time requested information be sent to them after visiting your website, AND they actually clicked a link to confirm the request was made. Even though anyone can cry foul or in this instance SPAM, you’re safe… protected because you now have valid proof on your side. That is why explaining to visitors “How to Confirm” and “How to Unsubscribe” helps lessen spam complaints.

What is particularly irritating is when you’ve done all of the above and someone still chooses to click “SPAM” out of laziness vs. doing as you’ve kindly requested. Can’t control everything can we… but at least we are protected & armed with proof which is the most important thing.

Three: – You cultivate & maintain a clean, responsive email list. Email marketing is the easiest way to make fast, consistent long-term income and how you do it is a key element in cultivating a responsive list – a list that responds to the information you give them and readily acts on your recommendations by either downloading, purchasing or clicking a link. A responsive list comes as a result of earned trust and respect.



Before deciding on opt-in or double opt-in for your email marketing program, be sure to consult with your email service provider. Most providers enforce a strict opt-in rule, and several will allow only double opt-in email lists. I hope you’ve learned what double opt-in is and why it is an idea for any email marketing strategy.