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Why is Sending Mass Mail So Stressful!

email stress

Mass e-mail is an e-mail that is sent to several receivers. The number of recipients of this mails can vary from hundreds to thousands for every email. Marketing companies are the ones who usually make use of mass email to direct goods and services to consumers. Although these emails must not be connected with spam emails, loads of spam e-mails are sent making use of mass emailing. However, various people are abusing the use of it and so, numerous customers are restrained.

Who is using mass Email?

Mass e-mails are used by individuals and businesses, although it is usually thought of as an instrument for direct marketing utilized by businesses. Everybody might make use of this to inform a birth announcement, send vacation photos, or send dinner invitations. Mass e-mailing must vary by individual and are usually mailed to family and friends whom he or she knows.

Companies generally employ this mails to make direct email campaigns for marketing, which endorse services or goods to consumers. The email may be utilized to reach regular clients, as well as contact prospective clients. Lots of companies do thousands of email versions and send it to a specific group of people. Before the blossom of the internet, company-direct mailing occurred through postal mail. Internet today creates a faster and often affordable means to get through to consumers

Advantages of mass e-mail

  • It provides a business or individual the ability to send a message instantly to many recipients at an affordable price.
  • Contact countless recipients with one e-mail
  • Mail hundreds and even thousands of emails in just a few minutes
  • Provides cheap solution as compared with traditional postal mail
  • It can be cost-effective especially if compared to the traditional postal delivery costs and times.

How to send mass Email

So how does one send mass email? One of the most common ways of doing so is by signing up for mass email services and hosting. Companies that offer this kind of service provide a variety of product packages with different specifications. It will be up to the client to evaluate what kind of plan best suits the needs of his business. Of course, the client will also have to choose a reputable company to provide these services. Information on companies that offer mass email services and hosting are available online.

Another way of sending mass email is through the use of computer software. There are programs that have been designed to serve this specific purpose. Try checking the Internet for different kinds of software and the options they offer.

The reason why mass email sending is stressful

  • Mass email is stressful because every “yes” leads to more work. Saying that this is not a challenge for a professional: because he does not want to disappoint people, and any opportunity can generate positive results. Each “yes” leads to a cascade of work (usually unforeseen).


  • Another reason why mass email is stressful is that your ISP can shut down your business, because of excessive Spam complaints. Anti-Spammers are aggressive groups of people who complain to your ISP and also to the program you are representing if you are an affiliate. They will go out of their way to give you as many problems as possible. Your business reputation will often be ruined by these complaints and you will definitely be banned from any affiliate program you may have promoted. In short, it is a sure fire way to ruin your business.


  • One of the reasons why mass email is stressful is that it may not reach its target recipient. This can be blamed mass email blockers programmed into email accounts. Blockers segregate mass email into a separate email folder, so the reader cannot directly access it from his inbox.

Here are a few common sense rules to help minimize email stress:

Tell others how you prefer to communicate:
Either by email or phone – and when you will respond. If you only check emails and voicemails in the morning or at noon or the end of the day, let the caller know. Let them know how they might reach you in an emergency.

Ask others how they prefer to receive and respond to messages:
If someone sends an email but you respond by phone, the sender may not check his voice mail regularly or may not have access to it. Likewise, the e-mail sender may be traveling and not be able to respond easily or in a timely manner.

Use spam filters or use spam filtering software to cut down on the number of emails you receive:
But be careful to avoid setting the filters so high that you block important messages. Check your junk email folder periodically for good emails that might have been blocked.

Set up a special private email account:
Give it out to only those contacts who can reach when an immediate response is necessary. You can also use text messaging for this purpose too.